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[part 1] [part 2] ARIEL LIN profile Name: Ariel Lin Chinese Name: 林依晨 - Lin Yi Chen August 3, · Joe's International Fans Club: Joe Cheng's Realm This relationship tends to be highly passionate and can often be characterized by .. And this time it has added even more trust and tacit understanding to it so. Much as I think Ariel Lin is never going to end up in real life with another actor deception, with the loss in trust marking the end of an already rocky relationship. I hope she should just hook up with Joe Cheng (i kno am being too ridiculous but u .. cherry mae acosta on May 12, at AM said. During the interviews, both Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin admitted that, both of them will fall in love with their on screen partner. Ariel Lin's mother was crying and felt like her daughter is really getting married, Joe February 21, at am.

As a model he was also feature in many music videos of famous singers like Jacky Cheung. He also starred in several stage play which according to Joe he very much enjoyed doing.

He was able to work in a stage play for Design for Living with several famous actors ad actresses including David Wang Sylvia Chang. Together with all his acting, singing and modeling stints he also is pursuing a degree in tourism management at Hsing Wu College as a part time student.

His recent films are The Queens and The Beloved both are shown in Girlfriend Joe Cheng has no girlfriend now. The two have been rumored to be on and off screen lovers which all their fans are really happy about.

We could all wish for them to end up in marriage but sadly they did not. Ariel is now married to Taiwanese business man Charles Lin. We can only wish nothing but the best for the new couple.

As for Joe, he surely will find her real life princess soon. She is considering being someone who you are very familiar with, right? She, she is consider where her characteristics are able to complement with mine. She is a very, very rational person, very rational type of girl. Very specific with her life and her attitude toward her work is very good and she is very clear with what she wants.

And I am the crazy type like all of a sudden I can be very loud and then I can be very quiet. So after we interact together we are able to complement each other and I will start to be more responsible and mature or I will have my own thoughts on some of the plan.

And she will start to feel or started to be less passive, will talk about jokes and starts to have showed her sense of humor. So our characteristics did actually complement each other. She is so envy! Er… When I watched it myself… that is… I was quite surprise. Surprise that I was able… Host: Are you really that surprise? I was really surprise that I was able to deliver that vibe; I feel that able to bring out this scene, it actually depends on the trust between the actors.

And the trust between the director and the actors are also very important. So she should be the actress that I understand the most. The director is very important.

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He keeps popping that up regardless the situation and time. Joe has no hesitation to change that whatsoever. He stick with it and firm it.

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TKA promo in Korea Let's share the video first tw. Everyone likes that kind of girl. Many fans are wondering what you do think about Lin Yi Chen?

Joseph Cheng: Ariel Lin is more than family to me

I think she is a perfect girl, but on the other hand, I really want to know what kind of person she likes? Joe is being again so BOLD! Let see what she said Quote Host: I don't know Chang's answer is from the bottom of his heart or not. Yi Chen, what do you think of Chang in real life?

He is very bright and gets along with people very well. I want to ask LinYiChen. If you have to choose one man Chang or Da DongWho are you goign to choose for a real date? Ariel is so smaaarrtt She knows whom she choose and she said that clearly. He laugh and hold his chest like that is the first time she actually SAID that!!

I love that two scenes. This two were taken during TKA press conference. Though Ariel seems to sit on a chair, Joe's hand talks the other story.

Look at the way he hold Ariel's leg. He seems to worry that if he didn't hold her strong enough, she will fall. The moment they are together This was taken during Guam filming.